Beach thongs

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Pool parties, beach games, pina coladas and mojitos Ė it is time to hide winter clothes in the deepest corner of your closet and buy the newest beach thongs and designer bikinis. Beach fashion has been developing from the most conservative outfits and swimming dresses in the medieval times to the most erotic and sexy beach thongs nowadays. The breakdown of the conservative views on beach outfits happened in 1930-s, when pin-up girls and divas like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn brought a new wave into the fashion itself. It was still way too far from the beach thongs and topless tanning, but it was the beginning of a new era.
Women of new generation were not afraid to wear their underwear like the most fashionable and elegant clothes. Bronze skin, white shorts, marine details, huge sunglasses Ė this was fashion style which started the epoch. 1960-s brought cultural and sexual revolution, hippies and free spirits refused to accept social rules. Beach thongs started to get more and more popular among young women, and finally 90-s started to open new horizons for fashion designers. the bravest brands started including beach thongs in their swimwear collections, top-models advertised perfect tan with minimum white stripes.

At the moment beach thongs are regular beach outfits which everyone who is not afraid to show their bodies uses all the time. Beach thongs are very comfortable, donít set measures to whatever you are doing Ė playing beach volleyball, swim or tan on the hammock chair sipping coconut cocktail. Newest technologies gave designers and beach thongs manufacturers absolutely unexpected possibilities. Nowadays you can find all kinds of beach thongs: they can be designed in the way that you canít see the sides, or whole thongs seem invisible on the body. Sometimes it can even cause problems with authorities as it seems like you are swimming naked, but the result is worth the effort.
Beach thongs

Whatever kind of beach thongs, bikinis, sarongs or sunglasses you choose, itís time to remember your skills in playing beach ball and buy some good sunscreen. You will spend on the beach all your time now, because it is impossible to refuse from such an appealing offer. Taking summer break will give you enough energy to get through winter office days, just take enough pictures to keep yourself motivated to stay in that perfect shape. Besides, you donít want to throw away your new beach thongs and change the outfit.

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